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Case Study: Becoming and Industry Resource with Turner PR

Challenge: Turner PR, a boutique agency with national clients, was lacking a voice among key industry and trade audiences, a space occupied by competitive agencies.

Goal: Increase agency awareness among trade organizations in travel and active lifestyle markets to support credibility and business development.

Tactics: Identify key organizations including PRSA, ATTA, SIA and OIA, and position Turner PR as a thought-leading agency with resources to offer across topics such as working with influencers, social media best practices and overcoming industry hurdles. Provide trainings, panels and seminars free of charge to members and attendees and offer follow-up resources as requested.

Results: At Turner PR, I lead the development and presentation of multiple trainings and seminars with our senior leadership team including:

  •   Overcoming Seasonality at SIA
  •   Working with Snow Bloggers at SIA
  •   Using Social Media for B2B Communications at PRSA Colorado
  •   Maximizing Pinterest for ATTA
  •   Expanding into Secondary Social Channels for PRSA Travel