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Case Study: Thinking 360 with K-SWISS and Kenny Powers

Challenge: K-SWISS secured a multi-year deal to utilize HBO’s Kenny Powers character. For the campaign’s second round, the brand needed to top first round buzz and generate larger ROI.

Goal: Utilize creative advertising to gain larger reach in PR, social media and influencer relations creating substantial buzz at the media and consumer level, ultimately supporting sales of the new Blades sneaker.

Tactics: After reviewing the advertising assets, the main component of the campaign, I led the Turner PR efforts to create a strategy across social media and influencers to maximize this spend, increase social media users and engagement, and provide touchpoints for added PR placements. This included creating a Facebook exclusive behind the scenes cut available only to fans of the K-SWISS Facebook page, managing an extensive, targeted Facebook adbuy to maximize fan retention, and social channel management and engagement. In working with influencers, t-shirt and Blades seeding packages were created to top CEOs with the campaign slogan “I’m the CEO. You Shut Up”.  Additionally, every K-SWISS athlete and employee, those in the videos and not, were given social media how-tos and prompts to support the campaign via social channels.

Results: The exclusive Facebook saw over 500K views and the product-promotion tab over 30K views. Campaign engagement on social channels saw unpaid retweets and conversations from Justin Bieber, Some ECards and the MMA and Kenny Powers became a national trending topic.