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Case Study: Communications Strategy with Mavi Jeans

Challenge: Mavi Jeans, a staple in their home country of Turkey, had seen diminishing marketing share in the US in part due to a lack of PR and social media team and strategy.

Goal: Position Mavi as a denim resource for US media and re-introduce the breadth of the Mavi collection to key bloggers and online influencers.

Tactics: I created PR 101 documents to support a tiered strategy addressing men’s, women’s and non-denim apparel. Priority was given to the NY regional market due to the Union Square flagship as well as young women’s national publications. In the men’s market, during the height of premium denim, the strategy was less about product placement, and focused on gaining valuable feedback from US editors to use in future product development. This feedback included slimming fits, providing cleaner, more premium looking washes, and highlighting affordability.

Blogger programming was launched with a seeding program called the Fit of the Month Club in which 10 recipients for each men’s and women’s collection received a new fit, colorway or fabrication each month. This widened the appeal of the Mavi collection and educated influencers to the true selection of Mavi product—the line is so much more than bootcut jeans.

Results: Mavi received regular coverage in celebrity weeklies such as Life & Style due to the mass appeal and wide range of style offerings highlighted in proactive press outreach. Additional growth was seen in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and NYLON where a young, cost-conscious woman finds inspiration for purchase. Regional success came through store exclusives such as the new sandal collection highlighted in Time Out NY, Racked, etc. The men’s market received feedback from editors at CoolHunting, GQ and Esquire on product improvements. Blogger  and influencer relations saw feedback from WhatIWore, the Misshapes, Ultragrrl and the Girlie Action roster of bands, all through organic product seeding.