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Case Study: Trade Show Stunt with OtterBox

Challenge: OtterBox, a CO-based electronics protection brand, had limited in-house resources and timing to create an impactful stunt to launch the new Armor Series at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Additionally, the company did not want to utilize in-person demonstrations due to booth constraints.

Goal: Introduce Armor via a humorous stunt with additional legs for use in consumer facing outreach and social media in partnership with exclusive partner, AT&T. Demonstrate the product functionality while overcoming booth restraints for in-person demos.

Tactics: I pitched and secured OtterBox as a Turner PR project-based client. For CES, I lead the brainstorm and presentation of three key ideas, one of which, a video teaser, was selected for production. At this point in the project I took on the role of production manager, hiring a local Las Vegas-based production team to fine tune the video script, storyboard, casting, etc. The final product featured a video lead-in showcasing the durability of the product as a young man attempts to deliver the Armor prototype to the CES show. The one day shoot saw a first edit within a week and was finalized within two weeks of the green light. On-site I managed booth production for the announcement including AV, catering and talent. During CES, the video was introduced by OtterBox CEO, Brian Thomas. The open ending allowed for an in-person delivery of the product by the actor in the video. Post-event the video was distributed via OtterBox social media channels and used during in-store AT&T promotions as well as among the internal team.

Results: The CES video produced added PR buzz beyond a traditional press announcement. The post-event, secondary consumer outreach saw almost 20K YouTube views during the critical launch timeline as the product went to market with AT&T.

Released as a 4-part series to provide campaign longevity:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 and CES event